Appziac is a software solutions consulting firm, with a team of vibrant professionals from the IT sector makes us a unique leader in the market place. We offer our services in software developments, web development, digital marketing, custom development etc. We ensures fast and quick delivery of services to our clients based on their various requirements, we also use modern project management techniques to ensure the prompt delivery of quality services to our clients.

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Effective IT Solutions

Effective IT Solutions understands that every business is unique, and because of this we offer support options that can be personally tailored to suit your IT needs.

Our standard support contract gives the customer a guaranteed time period to receive a response for his/her support request. The standard on-site response is offered within four hours, although for critical devices, this can be much faster. Through the use of remote access, most responses and resolutions occur with We also provide a pay-as-you-go support option that means you don’t have to worry about binding long-term contracts.

How We Work

We have great results with our clients, when we solve projects step by step.

The cornerstone of our process is the initial meeting with our clients. This meeting is of paramount importance. During this stage, we meticulously delve into every detail, facilitating open communication to gather as much information as possible. This deep understanding of our client's needs is the foundation upon which we build successful projects.


In our Research and Analysis phase, we deeply appreciate the importance of meticulous research and thorough examination throughout the development process. Every component of your app goes through an extensive evaluation and documentation process, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Our unwavering dedication to excellence compels us to dissect and scrutinize every aspect of the project, guaranteeing that our solutions are not only comprehensive but also aligned with your project's objectives.


Our approach centers on user experience (UX) design. We strive to create apps that are both functional and user-friendly. This involves a meticulous process, where we prioritize a seamless and enjoyable user journey. We use wireframes to map out the app's layout and functionality, ensuring every element serves a purpose and aligns with the overall UX.


We blend current graphic trends with a focus on timeless design. Our goal is to create apps that feel modern and fresh while remaining relevant and visually appealing over the long term.We keep a close eye on graphic trends, ensuring that our designs are contemporary and in line with the latest industry standards. This allows us to create applications that feel fresh and engaging to users.


At the heart of our Backend and API Development process is the pivotal initial client meeting. This crucial starting point is where we immerse ourselves in the intricacies of your project, diligently collecting comprehensive information. By delving into the specifics during this meeting, we lay the groundwork for a successful backend and API development journey, ensuring that our solutions align precisely with your unique needs and requirements.


The development phase is where the magic happens, and it's undoubtedly the most exhilarating part of our work. This is when we take all the meticulous planning, creative ideas, and detailed discussions and transform them into the tangible heart and soul of your mobile application.Our team of dedicated developers leverages their expertise to breathe life into your concept. They meticulously write code, build features, and ensure that the app functions seamlessly. It's in this phase that your vision becomes a reality, and the app starts to take its final shape.


In the world of app development, testing is the cornerstone of delivering a top-quality product. Ensuring that your application functions seamlessly across a wide range of commonly used devices is non-negotiable for us. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond traditional testing – we also conduct comprehensive UX testing to evaluate the overall user experience. What sets us apart is our dedication to involving real users in the testing process.


In our marketing strategy, the final application is meticulously prepared and submitted to the respective app stores, including iOS and Android. Once submitted, the app undergoes a thorough approval process to ensure it complies with platform-specific guidelines and standards. This critical step paves the way for your app to reach its intended audience, making it accessible to users on both major mobile platforms.

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