Product Management Software

Introducing Deltrix, the comprehensive product management software from Appziac Technologies, designed to revolutionize your product lifecycle. Whether you're a team of one or a hundred, Deltrix empowers you to streamline processes, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver exceptional products to market – faster and more efficiently.

Why Our Product Management Software

For Customers

Real-time visibility
Track your product journey from ideation to delivery, staying informed on progress and potential roadblocks.
Effortless communication
Collaborate directly with product teams within the Deltrix platform, ensuring clear communication and timely feedback.
Proactive updates
Receive timely notifications about key milestones, product updates, and any potential delivery delays.
Seamless integration
Access relevant product information and updates directly within your existing workflows and platforms.

For Businesses

Streamlined order management
Simplify order processing, track inventory levels, and optimize fulfillment with intuitive tools.
Comprehensive stock management
Maintain optimal inventory levels with automated notifications and intelligent stock control features.
Efficient production management
Plan, schedule, and manage production with real-time data and advanced forecasting capabilities.
Precise delivery management
Track deliveries in real-time, ensure timely arrivals, and optimize delivery routes for cost-efficiency.
Integrated finance management
Gain clear financial insights with comprehensive reports covering costs, sales, and profitability.
Customizable notification management
Keep everyone informed with automated notifications for team members, stakeholders, and customers.
Seamless third-party integration
Connect Deltrix seamlessly with existing systems like CRMs, ERPs, and logistics platforms.
Data-driven decision making
Generate insightful reports and gain actionable data to optimize product strategies and improve future offerings.

Centralized Control & Real-Time Insights

Administrative Web Panel
Manage your entire product journey from a centralized dashboard. Create & track orders, monitor production, oversee inventory, and access comprehensive reports.
Delivery Boy Mobile App
Empower your delivery team with efficient tools. Manage assigned deliveries, optimize routes, communicate with customers, and update order status in real-time.
Client Mobile App
Offer your clients a transparent and engaging experience. Track order progress, receive notifications, communicate directly with the product team, and access product updates.
Seamless API Integration
Integrate Deltrix seamlessly with your existing systems, like CRMs, ERPs, and logistics platforms, for a unified workflow.


Order Management

Production Management

Stock Management

Finance Management

Delivery Management


Third Party Integration